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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 17, 2011 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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going on in the lunchroom, in the classroom, and even in terms of snacks and other activities. >> we keep going back to that. we're told that it was the department of defense initially that started the school lunch program because so many of the recruits, quite frankly, were not up to snuff, you know? and now it's the reverse. we're almost overfed the wrong things. >> that's it. not adays, american kids are overfed and under nourished. it's a sad situation, the statistics on all kinds of childhood diseases and this is predicted to be the first generation that will live shorter lives than those of our parents. school is a missed educational opportunity right now and there are schools that can do wonderful things about that and is they're hiring chefs, they're able to turn it around and make the economics of the program to work. >> amy, the book is called "lunch wars." thank you for being here. let's continue this conversation
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online. our handle is cnn bottom line. find me as christine romans. love to hear what we have to say. back now to cnn saturday, the latest stories making news. have a great weekend. good saturday morning. an air show tragedy in reno, nevada. three people dead, another 54 injured when a plane participating in an air race comes crashing down on top of a crowd. witnesses say the pilot is a hero for doing all he could at the last second to maneuver that plane away from a more crowded section. also this morning, could we see riots in the streets in the u.s.? like we've seen riots in other countries that have been protesting some of the governments there? well, one big city mayor in the u.s. thinks absolutely we could see that.
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you'll hear him explain why. a lot of people out there have trouble sleeping and do you need help? of course there is an app for that. this is cnn saturday morning, september 17th, 2011. we are glad you're right here. we have to start in reno and just a horrific scene. we have all kinds of pictures and videos of because there were all kinds of spectators with cameras rolling. at least three people are dead, more than 50 injured. more than a dozen of those are in critical condition. take a look at that picture, folks. that's the plane just a moment before it crashed. it came down in an area that did have people. but it wasn't the most crowded area. this could have been a lot worse. also now, look at your screen and is listen to the impact.
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>> stay where you are. please, stay where you are. >> the plane slammed into the box seats just narrowly, though, missed the crowded grand stand that was nearby. the air show events for the rest of the weekend canceled, but there will be a memorial service held at the airfield today. the pilot of that plane, jimmy leeward, flying a p-51 mustang, an older word war two era plane goes about 400 miles per hour top speed. listen now to reno's mayor talking to anderson cooper last night about the emergency response. >> oh, we had so many hundred emergency people show up in a matter of minutes. >> a matter of minutes, that's
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remarkable. >> yes, we did. that's what we train on all the time. you couldn't believe how fast they came and how the ambulance service and then the air national guard helped with helicopters and the ambulance service has helicopters and they were transporting people. >> all right. i want to go out to reno, nevada right now. dan simon is standing by for now. dan, good morning. if you can, start by giving us the update. we talked about three dead and more than 50 injured. do those numbers still stand right now? >> reporter: that's what we understand, t.j. three dead, dozens injured. we're waiting for a press conference that should take place sometime later today. let me explain why i am. there's a hangar behind me. this is a place that stored some of those airplanes for the air show. obviously, a very somber mood here on the ground, but a feeling, t.j., that things could have been a lot worse. of course, today, investigators
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are going to be combing over the scene, trying to see what they can sort of look and examine. but given the fact that that airplane seemed to have disintegrated on impact, you wonder what kind of physical evidence there might be. but, of course, you had a lot of people with cameras, a lot of eyewitnesss. their testimony will be critical for investigators in trying to figure out what, in fact, happened. i want you to listen now to some of those witnesses who just scrambled in disbelief. >> the split second event. i thought, i'd better get out of the way and start running. there were pieces of air crash craft scenery. >> realizing, you know, you're in the middle of this, this very graphic. >> the pilot, 74-year-old jimmy leeward, set to be a very
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experienced pilot. he had been coming to these air races since 1975. so you're not dealing with a rookie pilot. you're also not dealing with a new airplane. this is a world war ii vintage airplane. you wonder whether or not the age of the aircraft had anything to do with what happened, but at this point, it's all speculation. this is a very dangerous sort. you can't really imagine anything that's more dangerous, sort of car races in the sky, if you will. and there have been 19 pilots who have died in these races since 1964. obviously, this is something that the pilots know about, a very risky endeavor, indeed. >> dan simon in reno for us. thank you. we turn to the economy and a lot of people are asking the question, when will we see more jop job openings? the president heading to the rose garden monday morning to talk about his jobs plan and how to pay for it. he talked about his weekly address this morning. >> it will create new jobs.
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it will cut taxes for every worker and small business in the country and it will not add to the deficit. it will be paid for. monday, i'll lay out my plan for how we'll do that, how we'll lay out or plan and pay down our debt by making sure we live within our means and asking everyone to pay their fair share. right now, we have to get congress to pass this jobs bill. everything is the kind of idea that's been supported by democrats and republicans before. >> republicans had a response to the president this morning. their weekly address was delivered by illinois congressman peter roscoe. >> job creators should be able to focus on their work, not on washington's busy work. in his speech last week, the president talked about the urgency of this moment. he said we can act right now. i agree. he can help us fix the regulatory environment immediately. he already canceled some counterproductive rules that hurt our economy and he can cancel more.
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>> new york city mayor michael bloomberg, he is worried about the lack of jobs and risie inin poverty rates. he is thinking that the growing frustration in the u.s. could lead to rioting, like earlier this year, things we saw in europe and the middle east. listen to what he had to say about it yesterday on his radio show. >> the damage to a generation that can't find jobs will be on for many, many years. a lot of kids graduating college can't find jobs. that's what happened in cairo and madrid. you don't want those kinds of riots here. >> more than 46 million people now living in poverty in the united states. the nation's unemployment rate remains at 9%. last month, according to the labor department, no jobs were added. the last time that happened, february of 1945. we're at eight minutes past the hour now. in another story we're keeping a close eye on, standing by for possible word of two americans
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hikers in jail in iran. this morning, their attorney is saying that he is, quote, very hopeful that they could be released today. the process now is going through other judicial process there in iran and they're waiting on a judge to sign off on paperwork. now, this would allow josh fattal and shane bauer to be released. they're released on bail and that's expected to around $500,000 for each of them. you may know the story right now. josh fattal and shane bauer being held for over two years after they say they accidentally crossed over into the iranian border. also this morning, georgia, it's just four days away from executing an innocent man according to some. the execution for troy davis is set for wednesday. this is the fourth time he has faced a scheduled execution. the issue now is before the state board of pardons and paroles. they will take it up on monday. davis, you may remember, is
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convicted of killing an off duty savannah police officer back in 1989 approximately that officer is mark mcfail. mcfail had gone to help a homeless man who was being beaten. seven of the nine witnesses at trial have now recanted some of their testimony. they say they were coerced into testifying against troy davis. the former prosecutor, however, says davis is guilty. >> i'm just disappointed that so many people have been led to believe that nobody has paid attention to these recantations. it is, as i explained earlier, simply not the case. it is not the case. and on what ground are the recantations more believable than the testimony in court? none. none. ♪ just lost tonight, lord >> that's just one performance last night, a vigil was held for davis there. this is ebenezer baptist, where reverend martin luther king
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preached earlier in the day. people opposed to the death penalty marched through that church. in the last hour, i spoke to the senior pastor at ebenezer baptist. on monday, he will go before that parole board and ask them to spare davis' life. >> i'm saying there's entirely too much doubt for an execution. the parole board will decide what it wants to do. but i will tell you this much. at each turn of this case, some sector of the justice department has pressed pause. this very board of pardons and paroles stayed the execution a few years ago. i believe it was 2007. on another occasion, it was the supreme court who said, too much doubt, let's pause. then it was the 11th circuit said, too much doubt, let's pause. in a meeting not long ago, i met with the district attorney down in va vana, georgia. >> the current one? >> that's right. he didn't try the case and even he conceded that were he trying
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the case today, since it's based in circumstantial evidence, that this would not be a death kate case for him and it should not be a death case. here you have a case based completely in circumstantial evidence, eyewitness testimony, and not one witness, not two, not three, not four, but seven witnesses have recanted their story. >> but there's a pause analogy used there. but at each pause, and some would say he got more pauses than others have. but at each turn, he has lost in the legal system. how many more pauses before someone says, you know what? we've exhausted all the chances. it's time to see this thing true? >> that's an excellent question. the reason is, each time the criminal justice system has been focused on procedures. that's what happens in these appeals. they're focused on narrow arguments that lawyers are focused on around procedure. but the very basic question
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about troy davis' innocence, that's the issue that needs to be addressed. and no wonder that in this case you have not just opponents of the death penalty, but those who support the death penalty, saying the execution should not go forward. >> but also this morning, i spoke to the mother of officer mark mcfail. coming up in two minutes, you will hear from her, a side you don't often maybe get to hear in this whole saga and what she thinks about all these efforts to stop the execution of the man won vikted of killing her son. there's so many choices. the guests come in and they're like yeah i want to try this shrimp and i want to try this kind and this kind. they wait for this all year long. [ male announcer ] it's endless shrimp today at red lobster. your favorite shrimp entrees, like garlic shrimp scampi or new sweet and spicy shrimp. as much as you like any way you like for just $15.99. [ trapp ] creating an experience instead of just a meal that's endless shrimp. my name is angela trapp. i'm a server at red lobster
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case. many people believe the stay of georgia is about to execute an innocent man. he's convicted of killing a police officer back in 1989. you heard from a pastor who will be asking the parole board to spare davis' life. but i also spoke to the mother of the victim. listen to her describe her side of the story. >> i don't think they know anything about troy davis. we have asked some people and they don't even know why they were out there. they were told to be out there. but to say it's the death penalty -- god, i can't even say it. but then that's what they're looking at. most of them don't even know what all happened. and i'll tell you, that he shot that guy before and the case is the same. now, i think those are pretty good evidence. >> ma'am, do you plan on being
10:17 am
there if this execution goes forward? >> no. >> no. why not? >> that's part of my family will be there, no. >> why not? >> i don't need to be there. i am going to be at the healing on monday, but i will not be there wednesday. >> ma'am, i want you to take a moment. you describe, because so many attention has been paid to that side and in savings troy davis' life and his four execution dates he has had now and this is the fourth. but what has it been like for you, the past 20 years, waiting for justice certainly in your eyes and having to go through four execution dates yourself? what has it been like for you in the midst of losing your son? >> it has been hell because i want like -- i want like to have some peace. i would like to have this situation over with. we are the victims. and those people that recanted, why did they wait 17 years before they recanted?
10:18 am
they should have done it if they felt that way earlier. not when the final time is coming now. i do not believe that. if they think they would have been coached, i think they've been coached by the wrong people. >> justice only comes for you and -- >> yes. >> justice and closure only comes for you when troy davis is finally executed? >> i will never have chose your. that can't be. but i may have some peace, which i hope for. i certainly need it. >> again, four days away from the execution date for troy davis. we will continue to talk about this case with ben jealous. the naacp has been out in front and leading the charge against troy davis' execution. we'll continue to hear from all sides of this case throughout
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the weekend. another story we are tracking this morning, the deadly crash at an air race. the pilot and at least two others are dead. now people are sharing their condolences, even sharing some thank yous for the pilot. that's next. just one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defends against occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating. with three strains of good bacteria to help balance your colon. you had me at "probiotic." [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health.
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i tell you what i can spend. i do my best to make it work. i'm back on the road safely. and i saved you money on brakes. that's personal pricing. let's say good morning to alex appeared ra steel and let's say good-bye to summer. >> that's right. fall officially coming in on friday. but already for many of you, waking up around the great lakes officially yesterday morning or northern new england, 20s and 30s this morning. so the summer came in with such a vengeance, didn't it?
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now finally, things are cooling off. it began in june, steamed up, steamed up through the summer and september 1st, a lot of places cooled down dramatically. that's what we're seeing. also in the upper midwest, it's been very cool and today, once again, we'll see much of the same. underneath the pinnacle of the cold, especially with yesterday morning and now we're going to slowly see each day temperatures climb up a degree or two. a big picture, sunny in the southwest. oklahoma and texas, there is the only potential for some severe storms. what they need is some beneficial rain, 12 to 15 inches to get out of that drought. i don't think we'll see an inch. clockwise, flow around the cool canadian air, bringing in the air to the northeast and northern new england. but also here in the mid-atlantic this last full weekend of summer, certainly not a nice one.
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on-shore flow, costal flooding and rip currents there. clouds and showers, not the nicest of days. in the southeast, places like atlanta, georgia, 90 degrees or above tying the record. today, much cooler. 80 degrees in atlanta. 81 in memphis. here in the northeast, temperatures about 5 degrees or so below average. kansas city, 70. minneapolis, only 66. a lot of these places in the 20s and 30s to start the day. if you happen to be traveling, not a lot of trouble. new york, gusty winds for you, low clouds in atlanta. denver, morning fog. at san francisco, low clouds. t.j., other than that, pretty benign weather. a beautiful weekend for so many around the country, waking up to clear skies, cool temperatures and warming up in the afternoon. really, a great day. slowly wrapping up summer. it's a good way to do it, i guess. >> so we can take hay rides and apple picking and coffee with the pumpkin spice variety.
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>> kind of a summer guy, but okay, thank you. we're at 22 minutes past the hour now. a lot of people like cantaloupe for breakfast and you might want to hear this first. a listeria outbreak in cantaloupes have been traced to a colorado farm. it's about 200 miles from denver. listeria outbreaks have so far killed two, sickened more than 20 people in seven states. you're seeing those seven states there, but the melon from jensen farms were shipped to 17 states in all. the kl company is recalling the cantaloupes. from there to fresh form food to people in need of healthy choices, that's the mission of one of our cnn heroes. introduce you to her, next.
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notice a lack of healthy options in her east harlem neighborhood, so she decided to bring the farm to the streets. >> i grew up in very low income areas. i experienced a lot of poverty. it taught me to redefine myself and lot let your past determine your future. i was living in harlem and there's very few places to buy healthy foods. people were simply mall nourished. i saw the connection between poverty and obesity, and it just seemed unjust. and i had to have had something about it.
10:26 am
my name is jenny keetly and i'm giving nursishment to people that are literally dying. if you want somebody to try a tomato, give them a tomato. they have to feel it, touch it, taste it. people will not change unless something in them changes. we go places other people will not do. we're giving up produce, we're giving classes. you really see them eat healthy on a low budget. >> what's this? >> chicken. >> chicken. >> we want them to start early on. we could set a ripple effect for the rest of their lives. at the end of the day, the parents are the ones doing the shopping. we have to win them over, as well. and thank you, guys. thanks for coming. >> when i see a new child, it reminds me absolutely that i don't want them to -- it's about pulling yourself up, never accepting no and i can see it in
10:27 am
people's faces, boy, these people are getting it. >> and on thursday, we'll unveil this year's top ten thee rows at log on and pick your favorite for your cnn hero of 2011. cnn contributor and democratic strategist jane karbul says it's time for president obama to panic. kwha do lenny and maria think about that? which one of these two look like they're panicked this morning? we'll find out when we ask them. our conversation is next. stay with us. what do you got? restrained driver... sir, can you hear me? just hold the bag. we need a portable x-ray, please! [ nurse ] i'm a nurse. i believe in the power of science and medicine.
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this little baby keeps track of your great driving habits, so you can save money. [sighs] amazing. it's like an extra bonus savings. [ cackling ] he's my ride home. how much can the snapshot discount save you? call or click today. welcome back. i'm t.j. holmes. thank you for spending part of your weekend with us. this unfortunate story we continue to look at in reno, nevada. this air race crash, at least three people are dead, more than a dozen of them injured, this picture was taken right at the moment before impact. you can see the plane coming down, looks like it's coming down right on top of the spectators. now look and listen to this piece of video.
10:31 am
>> stay where you are. stay where you are. please, stay where you are. >> this plane slammed into the box seats area, but just barely missed the crowded grand stand. it could have been a lot worse. a memorial is being held at the airfield today. the pilot of that plane, his name is jimmy leeward. people are saying they believe he tried to maneuver that plane at the last moment to avoid the more crowded area there. also, we have been seeing condolences and notes come in to him, at least 500 at last check on his facebook page. these are just a few we're showing you here. one from dom saying condolences
10:32 am
to all the families involved in this tragedy, such a sad loss of life of those doing and whachg what they loved. another from colette saying my heart goes out to all the families. rest in peace jimmy. feeling for you jimmy and your loved ones. may your soul rest in peace as i'm sure you are soaring in your heart's content now. this apparently from leeward's son, chad. this says thank you to everyone for the incredible outpouring of support, also include the bible scripture saying cast your cares on the lord and he will sustain you. we continue to follow that story. again, right now, they are investigating, but no word on what caused the crash. let's turn back to politics now. the news has not been very good for president obama this week. the latest cnn/orc poll says 55%
10:33 am
disapprove of how president obama is doing his job. an even larger number, 61%, disapprove how he is handling the economy. democrats lost two key election necessary congress this week. on top of that, democratic strategists dane carl tells cnn it is time for president obama to panic. and he needs to start firing some folks. >> this is not working, not politically, not economically, not anything. so bring in a new team and indicate to people that you get it, they understand that you were dealt a very tough hand, but you keep playing the same hand over and over again, it's not working. >> democratic strategist maria cardona, it's not working. we always start with the political highlight of the week for you. what was it for you? >> here is my headline, t.j. the gop social security smackdown hides real right wing
10:34 am
gop agenda low youp. >> that's the headline. top that one. what was your headline this week, lenny? >> james carbon stole mine, which was one word, "panic." so i'll come up with another one. when some vaccinations don't inoculate, trying to be tea party small and big texas big government big all at the same time. >> you're too smart for me, man. i try to follow and then two sentences into it, i lose you. maria, panic, is that on that list of things that are not going well for the president? >> no, i don't think panic is the right word. i think sticking with your message -- i take away two things from what james said. i love him to death. he did say two things that were important. what i take away from panic means do not take anything for granted. and you know that this white house is not taking anything for granted.
10:35 am
we talk about how st r the gop, presidential hopeful he are all conservative, right wing tea partiers who are going to have a tough time in a general election getting independent voters. i still believe that absolutely to be true. but this white house needs to take every single one of them very seriously and continue to fof on job creation and make the distinction that the gop is not focusing on job creation. >> lenny, she said there the way he said it was not helpful. was he right, though? >> he's absolutely correct. and nth else has gotten the president's attention. listen, we keep talk about the president is focused on job creation. the president has been all across the board since he's been in the white house. he's focusing on job creation because that's resinating as a campaign slogan right now. if another issue comes up, he is going to get back to being scattered all over again. james is right, he's been taking
10:36 am
the same strategies and trying to force it down the american people's throat and he's sick and tired of it. the godfather of the tea party is not ron paul. the godfather of the tea party is president barack obama and he's going to have to deal with that phenomenon because people are tired of seeing the same mandate, the same modum apparan did i coming out of his administration and not getting anything out of main street. >> t.j., here is the problem with the gop. and you showed some poll numbers before our segment, but you didn't show the poll number that basically showed that the majority of american people, in the 60%, trust president obama much more on the economy than they do the gop. his focus is 100% now on creation of jobs. the republicansre focused on continuing to protect the wealthy, their corporate debt setter friends, the big oil and
10:37 am
gas companies with tax subsidies. you saw john boehner in his speech already talking about tax increases or increased revenues are off the table. >> i know you want to get back in, lenny, go ahead. >> well, i mean, you look at it, we just had a scandal right now where president obama, the obama administration, we've been dumping money into businesses that are failing. we have the fbi in there investigating right now, we have all different types of things on the obama watch that has not worked. the bottom line is this, if you look at what everyday americans want, they're scared of social security going away. as long as rick perry is at the top of the poll numbers, that methodology and that messaging will work. but other than that, they trust republicans to grow this economy through smaller taxes and broadening the tax base, not in a way when we continue to talk about paying their fair share for people already paying taxes versus pokes that don't have jobs to pay taxes.
10:38 am
>> i have several more questions, but we won't get to all of them. i'm going to ask them and i want yes or nos from both of you. there's been some talk that another democrat, maybe even hillary clinton should challenge president obama. is there a chance another person the going to try to challenge the president? >> captain n, capital o, underscore no. >> lenny? >> yes. >> there is no way. >> rick perry, same thing, yes or no? people are getting to know him better. he has surged in the polls, we know, can he maintain that lead as people get to know him better? lenny, yes or no? >> yes. >> you didn't sound too sure. maria? >> he can amongst republicans, not independents. >> last thing? >> that's not one word! >> michele bachmann or mitt romney, which of the two is the biggest challenge to rick perry?
10:39 am
maria. >> no question, it's romney. michele bachmann is done, done, done. and i know lenny agrees with me on that. >> lenny, go ahead, finish it up for me. >> romney. >> you've been consistent for a long time on that one. lenny, maria, i'm going to start writing one questions for you guys and let you go. good to see you both, as always. i'll see you both soon. have a good weekend. >> god bless. >> you, too. we're 39 minutes past the hour now. are you seeing this scene now? you can say now say good night to counting sheep. you don't do that. what do we do now? there's an app for that if you can't fall asleep. we'll see how this thing works. according to research, everybody likes more cash. well, almost everybody... ♪ would you like 50% more cash? no! but it's more money. [ male announcer ] the new capital one cash rewards card. the card for people who want 50% more cash.
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about a quarter to the top of the hour, let's say good morning again. bill is here tr hln sports. he has two doozies for you. the second one, you can't miss. the hip hop serenade to hope solo. he has a longer version for me this time. did you know there was a fight tonight? >> i'm assuming most people out there did not. you know why? it's not the fight we all want. we're getting one that's going to be pretty good, at least, i think. you know? floyd fighting victor ortiz, fighting a much younger victor ortiz, ten years younger. there will be big cash tonight, whether or not he wins or loses. $25 million he's expected to bring in. we haven't seen floyd on the boxing ring in a few months. we see him in the headlines, major legal issues which could land him in jail.
10:48 am
but i'm looking forward to tonight because after seeing ortiz fight andre burto in april, the kid has skills. but at the end of the day, i think mayweather ends up winning in the decision. packo's agent did say if mayweather wins tonight and the two could possibly meet in the spring. hope solo. >> america fell in lowe love with hope solo, so much so that a professional soccer player wanted to write her a loved letter, but instead, someone convinced him to serenade her when he visited their ras. ♪ my typical world, girl, you could use some hoet cocoa ♪ ♪ fly into the roof you are the proof ♪ ♪ hope solo, hope solo can you make my dream come
10:49 am
true ♪ ? >> come on in, baby. >> hot cocoa? >> yeah, what does that mean? >> what was that, was that wrapping? was that singing? >> it was a little awkward. >> kind of goofy. but at the same time, it cass kind of sweet. i think she fell for it. but what is she going to do? >> man, i wish you had shared this with me yesterday. it's good to see you. great video, as always. thank you. is on fun, buddy. we're getting close to the top of the hour here. tracking your every move at the airport, might sound like a new plan by the csa, but actually, hackers are doing it. they're taking advantage of your need to stay connected. ted rollins explains. travelers waiting for their flight often pass their time
10:50 am
while connected. it's dangerous. >> i will go. once they connect and they start searching the internet, now what i will do is i'll just grab all this. >> we launched a fake network called l.a.x. free wi-fi. within minutes, others started connecting to it. he showed us how a hacker could track everything i was doing on my laptop. >> it will go to your bank, grab all your banking information. if they go to facebook, it will grab all that. if they're writing love letters, i can grap grab all of that. >> if you're at an airport or a public so the, find out who the wi-fi provider is and use that. if it costs money, pay the money. they say change your password every now and then and use different passwords for different accounts. if you do go online using a public wi-fi, be aware someone may be watching you the next time you're on the go. >> all right. about ten minutes to the po top
10:51 am
of the hour. the movie contagion might not just be a movie. it could be a warning to us all. dr. sanjay gupta, joining me next. at exxon and mobil, we engineer smart gasoline that works at the molecular level to help your engine run more smoothly by helping remove deposits and cleaning up intake valves. so when you fill up at an exxon or mobil station, you can rest assured we help your engine run more smoothly while leaving behind cleaner emissions. it's how we make gasoline work harder for you. exxon and mobil.
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10:54 am
and it looks as though we have here, always have a good friend. sanjay gupta. i'm here, wvr you call me. >> i hear that all the time. how do you explain? folks, sometimes you notice a change in your friends. i noticed a change in sanjay not too long ago. then i figured out what it was. sanjay has gone hollywood on us. this is pretty cool. sanjay, if you didn't know, is in the new hit movie, contagion. we're seeing a part of it here. what was that like to be sitting next to the lights with jude long and others? >> it was emanating, i'll tell you. i think what is so striking is they tell you to just just be yourself. that's actually hard to do sometimes because i'm thinking, which self do they want?
10:55 am
the comedic more t.j. holmes like self or the -- but no, it's a lot of fun. he's a terrific director. i've always admired hymn his movies. it's very small attention to detail. he runs one of the nine cameras that were in the room, as well. >> they tell you to be yourself because you are playing yourself. the subject matter here will scare the hell out of some people. the movie is essentially about a virus or disease that takes over and just killing the world. >> it is. it's a true pandemic. i have to tell you, the first time i watched it, it is unsettling. one of the things i wanted to, it is possible. a flu pandemic killed at least 50,000 people. they wanted to figure out if there was a path again that became like that virus and
10:56 am
spread around the world that was so lethal, how would the world react? would we shut down airports, shut down services, what would people's relationships be? i was much about the social structure between people as it was about this vie pus. >> and we want to think with the advances in medicine and technology, that something like that can't happen again. now, the last thing here and -- >> i think it can't. and i don't say that to be frightening. what i will tell you is if you look at hospitals, they love to have a huge reserve of hospital beds, ventilators, all sorts of different kinds of million medications available in case. that is not how the world works now. they look at taken care of any given number of patients coming in. i think what the lesson here, though, is that most of this can still be prevented because so much of it is stilly so is, but
10:57 am
hand washing, there are little things we can try to do to prevent it from getting bad. >> sanjay gupta, not here to scare you this morning. >> i'm here to keep this man around as long as possible. >> and i appreciate you making an appearance. anytime, right? >> right there. and something else we want you to tune into. tonight, 8:00 a.m., the dr. sanjay gupta special, diana nigh yak, xtreme dream, swimming through shark infested waters. check this one out.
10:58 am
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